Caldwell Lost & Found Plume Robusto

W – Dominican Habano

B – Dominican Criollo ‘98

F – undisclosed

Origin – undisclosed

Caldwell Cigars’ Lost & Found series consists of vintage sticks that Robert Caldwell “discovered” in his travels and re-branded for limited release. Exact origins of the blends are not revealed, and specific blend components used in the cigars are also undisclosed, making each Lost and Found release a little mystery to be unraveled. In addition to this intrigue, proceeds from all of Caldwell’s Lost & Found Projects will help support specific charities as part of his GAF (Give a F@ck) Program, and Plume helps raise money for inner-city education. So, today’s review is in the name of a good cause.

Pre-light draws were not very telling, continuing the mysteriousness of this unbanded enigma. Some slightly-sweet cedar was there, but barely.

The cigar lit up to a rounded taste of creamy cedar with a white pepper finish. The Plume’s initial character was refined in nature, and a neat white ash began to build as dense plumes of “chewy” smoke billowed from every draw.

This super-smooth woodiness carried on as I burned past the 2-inch mark, and eventually, some baking spices showed up as background notes.

Right around the halfway point of the cigar, flavors took a pretty drastic turn. The cedar suddenly morphed to a darker, oak-like taste, and a big, unexpected wave of smoky leather materialized. After this revelation, the profile deepened to reveal nuances of espresso and nougat. I looked at the smoldering cigar in awe. Was this the same stick that was pumping steady wood and cream just a couple of puffs ago? (Spoiler – it was.) Long ashes kept the burn nice and cool.

In the final portion of the cigar, some pleasant dark chocolate bitterness of the 90% cacao variety emerged, along with a renewed push of baking spices, a final burst of soothing cream, and just a trickle of caramel sweetness. We finally hit the ashtray with about an inch remaining.

Caldwell’s Lost & Found Plume cigar reminded me of the mid-90’s Rodriguez and Tarantino thriller “From Dusk Till Dawn”. The first act was fairly mundane, and the second act pretty insane. What started out as a routine exercise in balanced wood and cream exploded into flavor-bomb status halfway through, with many unexpected tasting notes appearing seemingly out of nowhere. This “best of both worlds” formula worked for the movie and worked for the Plume as well. Sadly though, there was no Salma Hayek to be found anywhere in the Plume cigar. 😞

If you like surprises, or just interesting, straight-burning smokes, the Plume is for you. Like all Lost & Found cigars, these are highly limited in availability, so you should probably grab your batch now.

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