CAO Bones Matador (7 1/4 x 54)

W – Connecticut broadleaf

B – Connecticut shade

F – Dominican, Honduran, Nicaraguan

The Connecticut-heavy Bones blend was dreamed up by CAO Brand Ambassador Rick Rodriguez as a tribute to the games of dominoes and dice, which Rick sees as great pastimes for kicking back, talking sh!t, and having a blast with beers and your buddies. This is the intended backdrop for the CAO Bones cigar. So, like the rebel I am, I conducted today’s review without any of these recommended elements.

The foot of the cigar gave off a wonderful aroma of fresh cedar with hints of vanilla, and in stark contrast, the wrapper smelled like…well, the polite term is “barnyard.” Pre-light draws were delicious with a grape-like fruity sweetness. With curiosity officially piqued, out came the torch.

After the flame, initial flavors were of cedar with hints of graham cracker, a little bit of white pepper, and some subtle sweetness – pretty complex for a first impression. Burn was off to a great start and draw was ample.

Big, creamy earth took over in the 2nd third of the Bones cigar, with new notes of bread, unsweetened cocoa, and some baking spices popping up as well. Smoke was very “light” and creamy on the palate, leaving very little aftertaste. The burn-line remained nice and straight, and thick, flaky white ashes were hanging on for about an inch or so at a time.

The final portion of the cigar remained super-smooth with heavy cream notes, earthiness, more cocoa, and hints of spicy cedar. The finish remained clean to the last puff.

I’ve never really been into dominoes or dice, but I am into good cigars, and the CAO Bones qualifies. If you like creamy maduros that reward you with a lot of tasty nuances, you will almost certainly appreciate the CAO Bones cigar. Grab it in your choice of four unique sizes here, buddies and beers not included.

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