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CAO World Sampler BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!

When it comes to world-class stogies, nobody does it better than CAO. From the finest Brazilian Ligero, to the powerful dark leaves from the Benevenuto valley in the south of Italy, CAO has become well-known for their innovative blends showcasing unique and flavorful tobaccos from the far reaches of the globe, and our latest BCP Exclusive deal is your chance to stock up and save on four of their finest offerings ever.

The CAO World Sampler is a celebration of flavors from around the world, featuring the rich and robust CAO Brazilia Gol, the bold and zesty CAO Italia Ciao, the sweet and spicy CAO Criollo Pato, and the clean, classic CAO America Potomac, and right now when you buy two of these sweet samplers you’ll get a third absolutely FREE! Now when you stock up on these savory sticks you’ll get 3x the flavor while saving a bundle!

So don’t delay, place your order now and take advantage of our stellar savings on some of the smoothest smokes on the planet with our CAO World Sampler Buy 2 Get 1 deal!