Cigar 101: Gadgets for the Cigar MacGyver

Have you ever lit up a cigar with a crappy draw and thought, “Man, I wish I had some kind of shank-like device to open this thing up!” Or have you ever had to put down a cigar you only smoked a third of and thought, “I wish I could save this for later!” Well that’s where these unique cigar gadgets come in. I can say that every one of these is something I wish I had at some point or another, and we carry all but one of them, so I hope this helps some smokers in need. And without further delay, here’s the list:

Maverick Quick Draw Cigar Awl

I can’t tell you how many times this thing has come in handy. There are few things worse than a plugged cigar, and the Maverick Cigar Awl makes short work of just about any smoke with a difficult draw. It also looks like something that would get confiscated in prison, which discourages cigar mooches from constantly bumming your prized stogies.

Humi-Savor Tubes

I don’t own any of these, but I can think of a handful of times I wish I had one. Each Humi-Savor tube comes with a small humidification device and can hold up to a 6” x 60 cigar. They’re perfect for saving a half-smoked cigar if you don’t feel like throwing it back in your humidor and stinking up your entire collection.

Corncob Pipe

A corncob pipe isn’t something you need for every cigar, because not every cigar is worth smoking all the way down. But for those times where a cigar is so good that you wish you could smoke the whole thing, there’s nothing better than a corncob pipe. All you have to do is stick the butt into the bowl and puff away until there’s nothing left. If you get a corncob pipe, you might also consider investing in a Xikar Resource lighter, which has an attached tamper, poker, and knife blade, just in case you want to get fancy.

Xikar MTX Cutter

I know I sound like I’m pimping Xikar here, but they legitimately make some of the most useful cigar tools out there. The MTX cigar cutter is not only a cigar cutter, but it’s also got an attached cigar poker, cigar box opener, screwdriver (flathead), and bottle opener, and can be used to adjust or bleed your favorite lighter. This thing is a true cigar survival kit.

Anyway, there’s my list of crucial but often-overlooked cigar tools. If you think I forgot anything (or there’s something you’d like us to start carrying), feel free to post it in a comment below.

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