Cigar 101: Spotlight on Cigar Forums

Cigar aficionados are a spirited bunch when it comes to discussing their favorite hobby. In fact, when we get together to smoke stogies, the cigar often becomes a central or at least starting point to the conversation.

It’s not surprise, then, that there are a number of bustling cigar forums online. These message boards are a wealth of information and conversation. Most of us don’t have the luxury of wandering down to the local B&M to have a chat with our local cigar smoking community, so these cigar forums can be indispensable.

The are probably your best place to start. Not only are they arguably the most popular cigar forums on the web, but they’ve got a whole section set aside for new members to introduce themselves. If you’ve never “trolled” (read without participating) a forum before, you may not realize there is a code of conduct that is subtle but can quickly get you “flamed” (bombarded with rude comments). Basically, you have to slowly become part of the community on the message board. Things like trust and respect are paramount to keep the message boards relevant and fun to read and write in.’s members will help you get acclimated to this new and exciting online environment.

Cigar Aficionado runs its own forums, and is a great starting point for discussions related to features appearing in the magazine. Since Cigar Aficionado launched its new website, there has been a pickup of activity in their forums.

Other places for passionate cigar discussions include Brothers of the Leaf and Stogie Chat, two great forums with dedicated communities of cigar lovers. Of course, besides the tobacco-centric content you’ll find people talking about all sorts of things, from poker to politics, so it pays to browse around.

Somewhat less popular but still active forums include Cigar Geeks and Cigar Asylum. If you really want to go digging, there’s also Cigar Trends, Cigar Smokers and Cigar Pass. As you can see, there are no shortage of online meeting points for lovers of the leaf.

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