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Cigar Ads Never Die

To boost the historic look of Jenny Longhorn’s, Rich and Jenny Schulte’s shop in Prescott, AZ, the couple tore down the pegboard and plaster on one long wall to expose the old brick. Underneath it all were two gigantic painted cigar advertisements from the days when the store was still the Grand Saloon, according to a story in The Prescott Daily Courier.

One of the giant ads is about 6’ by 30’ and features the classic White Owl logo, and the other is for a now defunct brand called Gen. Arthur, named for then President Chester A. Arthur, who had the coolest facial hair of any American president in history. Seriously, look at that guy’s chops.

This story made the marketing team at BestCigarPrices pretty happy, and also made us wonder what it would be like if we sold cigars way back in 1903, back when the Grand Saloon was built. Our ceilings here are about 20 feet high, so I imagine it would involve ladders, pulleys, harnesses, and probably a decent amount of workman’s comp.

We salute Rich and Jenny Schulte for preserving these historical ads, despite the fact that the general climate surrounding cigar advertisements is so hostile. I hope that someone finds one of our catalogs in 100 years and keeps it for posterity, no matter how much prison time you get for smoking cigars, let alone advertising them.