Cigar Backorders : What are they?

What exactly is a backorder?

From time to time demand exceeds inventory.  It’s when more people want a specific cigar than what is available at that exact moment.  When this occurs we offer a back order program.  We don’t charge you when a backorder occurs,  we only charge you when it’s shipped and in many cases shipping is free for Backorders (it’s our way of saying thanks for waiting).

Is it safe to backorder?

100% safe.   As noted above you are not charged until we physically ship the product to you.   You do not have to worry about being charged for something you didn’t receive.  Back ordering your favorite cigars also gives us a better insight into what cigars you enjoy the most,  allowing us to prioritize future orders.

How long will it take for a backorder to become an order?

Typically only days.   Most backorders are shipped (turned into orders) within a short period of time.   However occasionally we find a cigar line that there simply there is no inventory anywhere in those cases.   In cases like that typically the cigar factory themselves cannot keep up with the demand of that specific cigar so the backorder may be a somewhat lengthy process.  Though that only happens occasionally.

Do you have any official documentation on your backorder policy? 
Of course we do (click to read policy).

How can I avoid a back order situation?

That’s easy,  order a bunch when they are available!   Generally speaking back orders only occur when a cigar is so popular that the factory cannot keep up with demand.  So when you find that cigar,  make sure to order a bunch of them.

Can I mix and match with backorder and non-backorder items?

Of course!  We will ship out the items we do  have in inventory right away,  and the items on backorder will be shipped out the second we get them.  You will only be charged for items we shipped.   In other words we don’t charge for backorders,  only for orders.

I have more questions regarding backorders.

We have more answers! Just contact us and we will fill you in with all the details.

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