Cigar Industry Enters the Spotlight in Hand Rolled

Whether you’re a cigar newbie looking to learn, or an aficionado interested in unique insight into the industry, the movie Hand Rolled is looking quite promising. This documentary is the directorial debut for Steve Gherebean and Jesse Mariut, and seeks to cover a lot of ground in a taught, 90-minute run time. Topics span from Christopher Columbus’s first interactions with tobacco to contemporary politics and the policies that shape the industry today.

Hand Rolled also includes interviews with several big names in the cigar world as well as the political sphere. You can expect to hear from the likes of Jorge Padron and Carlos Fuentes Jr., along with Senator Joe Manchin and ex-PA-Representative Lou Barletta. This is all connected by the narration of Peter Weller, whom you may know better as RoboCop.

In an era of readily available streaming options, you can find Hand Rolled on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play. However, if you want a physical copy for your film collection, Hand Rolled will also be available on DVD in participating cigar stores starting November 6.

Take a look behind the curtain of an industry that is constantly evolving. Rent or buy Hand Rolled today and support independent film makers who treat their craft with as much care as cigar rollers.

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