The Perfect Wedding Gifts for Cigar Lovers

While there are certainly couples getting hitched in the middle of winter, let’s face it: summer is the true wedding season. You know what else summer is the perfect season for? Smoking top-notch cigars. That means whether you’re looking for wedding gifts or classing up the bachelor/bachelorette party, you can’t go wrong with premium cigars.

Lucky for you, Best Cigar Prices has a whole selection of cigars and cigar accessories that make excellent wedding gifts. Check out just a small sample of those items below!

Sonoma 65-Count Humidor & Gift Set by Craftsman’s Bench

Sonoma Walnut Finish Humidor & Gift Set

When it comes to wedding gifts, looks matter. Even if it’s something that the new couple won’t use much, if it looks sharp, it’ll score you points. Luckily this humidor gift set from Sonoma is as useful as it is pretty. Not only can it hold 65 cigars, but it comes with cigar scissors and a wine tool to boot!

My Father Belicoso Collection Gift Set with Lighter & Cutter

My Father Belicoso Gift Set with Lighter & Cutter

If you’re buying for someone who already has a humidor of their own, you might as well give them something to put in it. The My Father Belicoso Collection delivers just what it promises: Belicoso cigars. What sets this gift set apart is the fact that it offers two of each blend, so the newlyweds won’t end up fighting over who gets which one. It even comes with a cutter and a lighter for easy smokability right out of the box.

Dunhill Fury Dual Torch Lighter

Dunhill Fury Torch Lighter

If a lighter sounds like a cheap wedding gift to you, then perhaps you aren’t familiar with some of the incredible lighters available at BCP. The Dunhill Fury in particular checks a lot of boxes for top-notch cigar lighters. It has dual pinpoint flames, a flame adjuster, and a convenient fold-out cigar punch. Add its gorgeous metal housing—complete with a fuel viewing window—and you have a gift that any aficionado will appreciate.

Stravaganza By La Aurora 1903

La Aurora Stravaganza

Sure, size doesn’t always matter. But sometimes it does. After all, there’s no better way to ensure your gift is remembered than with a cigar that is 20 x 80. No, there are no typos in that measurement. The ring gauge is 80, and the length is nearly two feet, but this sizable stogie isn’t just a gag gift. This cigar is constructed with the same exceptional tobaccos used in La Aurora’s other 1903 vitolas.

Partagas Magic Decanter Wine Aerator

Partagas Wine Aerator

Finally, what would a list of cigar-related gifts be without a one-off that isn’t very cigar-related at all? Partagas may be known for their premium smokes, but did you know they offer a magic decanter for wine as well? While the specifics of its magical properties are largely unknown, it still increases pour velocity while decreasing pressure. The result is a more rich, flavorful wine. That’s better than magic—it’s science!

Hopefully these suggestions were able to help you find the right wedding gift for the newlyweds in your life. Visit our gift ideas page for items that are perfect for gifts no matter the occasion.

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