Best Cigar Humidors

Most folks with even just a cursory knowledge of cigars know that a good cigar humidor is essential for proper storage. These tight-sealing boxes keeps cigars in great smoking shape by providing them with constant exposure to life-giving humidity whilst giving them a cozy little home. But, not all humidors are created equal.

Among the many different sizes and shapes of humidors that we carry, there are some that really nail the assignment by combining excellent quality and craftsmanship with classic good looks that will shine in your preferred smoking spot indefinitely. Take a peek at these three desktop humidors that seem to never go out of style.

The Addison Walnut Burl 40 Count Humidor

The Addison Humidor

Personally, I’ve never seen a surface that wasn’t improved by having the cool and compact Addison placed on it. From Prestige Imports, this sleek 40 count humidor lends a modern look to any office or smoking space. It has all the amenities that make a humidor worth purchasing – a tight seal, Spanish cedar interior lining, built-in hygrometer, etc. But what makes this handsome humi really stand out is its eye-catching dome-shaped beveled glass top and glossy walnut burl finish. The Addison’s design has a timeless appeal, so while it keeps your favorite cigars fresh, it will always look fresh as well.

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Milano Glasstop 100 Count Humidor

Milano Glasstop Humidor

As Leonardo Da Vinci once said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Based on that famous quote, I’m inclined to believe that he’d appreciate the Milano Glasstop from Humidor Supreme. Designed to house up to 100 cigars in the healthy environment generated by the large rectangle humidifier that comes with it, the understated elegance of the Milano fits seamlessly with almost any decor. As an added convenience, the Milano’s spacious glass top allows you to take a good, long look at your cigar stash whenever you want. In fact, this humidor could prove to be a real distraction. You may want to cover it during work hours to avoid temptation. Or, you may not. Either way, it’s a solid and dependable option at a very reasonable price.

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The Alexander 90 Count Humidor By Diamond Crown

Alexander Humidor by Diamond Crown

With a mirror-like finish that accentuates its exotic Black Ebony exterior, the awe-inspiring Alexander looks clean enough to eat off of, but we highly recommend storing your preferred cigars inside of it instead. There, they’ll be treated to a spacious, yet cozy atmosphere where they can soak up that essential humidity, complete with an aerated inner rack for maximum air flow. With space for up to 90 cigars protected by a custom lock and key system, this sturdy stogie box from one of the fanciest brands in the world should serve you well for a long time to come.

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