Cigar Review – 3 Reynas Robusto

3 Reynas Robusto (5×50)

The 3 Reynas cigar is the result of a collaboration between three of the most prominent female figures in the cigar industry, Patricia and Raquel Quesada (daughters of Manuel Quesada), and Janny Garcia (daughter of Don Pepin and sister of Jaime Garcia). The name 3 Reynas translates to “three queens”, a reference the friendship between the three ladies, and a declaration of their role as strong independent women in the cigar industry. Introduced earlier this year at IPCPR, the cigars are produced at the My Father factory in Nicaragua and distributed by the Quesada’s S.A.G. imports, making 3 Reynas a true family affair. For today’s review I selected the Robusto size (5×50).

The stogie was wrapped in a beautiful, toothy Connecticut Broadleaf with a deep maduro hue. The simple white and gold band on the cigar displayed the 3 Reynas name and three female faces, a representation of Patricia, Raquel, and Janny. Construction appeared to be flawless with an ample triple-cap sealing the deal up top, and pre-light draws gave off a cool lemony/orange citrus flavor that I certainly was not expecting.

After an easy and even light I was met with a full taste of wood and mocha along with some crisp black pepper. Ensuing draws brought out robust notes of leather, some cocoa, and a layer of sweet cream. The burn-line was a little topsy-turvy during this portion, but I decided to let it ride out in hopes that it would even out on its own. Before I had even reached the 2nd third the cigar had reached a really nice balance where all the flavors were working together quite nicely.

A little further in the smoke became much smoother, but a lively bit of black pepper spice remained central, a nuance that became very apparent on the retrohale. An awesome array of espresso, almond, mocha, and oak flavors swirled around during this portion, and just a bit of dried fruit sweetness eventually began to permeate the profile. The cigar was producing tons of thick, creamy smoke, the burn had corrected itself as I predicted, and the fat grey ash I had been building finally dropped off after about 2 ½ inches.

The final third of the 3 Reynas was both smooth and rich with hearty tobacco flavor, notes of espresso, and a lingering baking spice on the finish. This portion was ultra-creamy and malty sweet, and right towards the end of the smoke I finally got a bit of the citrus note I had tasted on the pre-light. This stick proceeded to take me through a long, tasty finish that I really didn’t want to end.

Man, this was good. The 3 Reynas exceeded my expectations in terms of flavor and complexity, and exuded the kind of excellent performance I’ve come to count on from a My Father product. Despite a wavy start, the cigar burned clean from start to finish, and had great flavor transitions AND good consistency, two characteristics that are usually difficult to achieve simultaneously. This stogie had just enough spice, just the right amount of creamy sweetness, and is definitely one of my top picks for 2012. Based on my experience today I’m giving the 3 Reynas Robusto an A+, and if repeated smokes turn out to be as enjoyable as this one was, I think we’ve got a hell of a cigar on our hands here. Anyone who appreciates a good cigar needs to give 3 Reynas a whirl.

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