Alec Bradley’s latest creation, the habano-wrapped Nica Puro is the company’s first cigar comprised of all Nicaraguan tobaccos (hence, the name.) We received our first shipment of this new blend a few weeks ago, but I wanted to give it a chance to rest a bit more before breaking one out for review. Today I could wait no longer and finally pulled out a sample of the short and stout Bajito (4 1/8 x 52) vitola.

The Nica Puro had a clean look with a nearly flawless wrapper marked with just a few light veins. Construction looked and felt to be exemplary, as I’ve come to expect from the Alec Bradley brand. Pre-light draws gave off a slightly sweet tobacco taste.

After an easy light the cigar opened to creamy smoke with a loud bang of peppery spice. Within an inch the pepper calmed down quite a bit, letting more subtle woody tobacco flavors take the lead. The draw was wide open and copious amounts of dense smoke erupted with each puff. Another half-inch in the flavors began to really open up with vivid notes of roasted nuts and toasted bread. Nice.

Going into the 2ndthird the pepper made a slight return as the cigar’s profile also gained a new sweet and buttery dimension, before taking a turn towards darker flavors of leather and cocoa. With half of the stick down the hatch, I still hadn’t ashed once.The final portion of the Bajito conveyed a relentlessly full-flavored leathery taste with a lightly spicy finish. The burn remained straight and clean until I had finally achieved full nub status.

The Nica Puro Bajito was about as complex as a 4 1/8 inch stick can get. This short stogie fired off a barrage of awesome flavors in rapid succession through a straight-forward burn and draw. I’m now interested in seeing how the blend performs in a larger vitola where this particular range of Nicaraguan tobaccos will have a bit more room to breathe. The Nica Puro is proof that the company continues to innovate and is no way resting on their laurels in terms of blend composition. I give the Nica Puro Bajito a solid B+ grade and look forward to my next go-round with this nutty and toasty slow-burner.

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