Cigar Review: Arturo Fuente Cazadores Natural

Arturo Fuente Cazadores (6×50)

The latest addition to our ever-expanding stogie roster, the new Arturo Fuente Cazadores Natural arrived in our humidor this week. Despite the profound respect I have for the Arturo Fuente brand in regards to the high quality and consistency of their product, I haven’t really smoked that many of their cigars. So, needless to say, it came as a rare and welcomed treat when I was given a sample of the Cazadores (6×50) to light up for today’s review, just in time to celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary.

The Cazadores had a nice weight to it and felt really solid, dense, and full in my hand. Its mottled Sun grown wrapper was toothy and veiny, with a few visible oil deposits throughout the length of the cigar. After snipping the cap, I tasted a smoky and slightly sweet cedar note on the pre-light draw.

From the very first puff this stick was very, very smooth with a mild taste of cedar and nuts. A bit further in I began to pick up just a hint of pepper, and some butter on the finish. The flavors seemed to mesh together well, and the burn was completely even all the way around.

The second portion of the cigar opened up with a hefty dose of black pepper along with some caramel sweetness. At this point I was already sporting a perfect, tight 3-inch ash, and the cigar continued to burn beautifully. As the flavors shifted the profile became very full and zesty, with a heavy baking spice as the main taste, complimented by notes of cedar and bread.

As I burned into the final 3rd of the cigar I was impressed at how natural the progression of the flavors had come across. There were a lot of layered flavors at play here, but they resonated in a surprisingly organic way. The well balanced and relaxing flavor of the cigar continued, and I kept picking out little nuances, a little nutmeg here, a little anise there, some oak, etc. This last third had a new saltiness to it as well, and definitely presented a decent amount of complexity. This stogie stayed cool and tasted great until I was in danger of burning my fingers on the nub.

There is a reason that the Arturo Fuente brand enjoys the excellent reputation that they do: They make outstanding cigars. The Cazadores burned slow, clean, and evenly from start to finish, and showed flawless flavor transitions that kept the smoke interesting all the way through. This stogie left very little to be desired on all accounts, and I’m going to be picking up a few of these for “special occasion” purposes in the near future. So what grade does the Arturo Fuente Cazadores receive today? An A+, hands down. They just don’t make em’ much better than this.

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