Cigar Review- Casa Magna Colorado Churchill

Casa Magna Colorado Churchill (6 3/4 x 49)

A collaborative effort between stogie-legends Manuel Quesada and Nestor Plasencia, the Casa Magna Colorado has held a reputation as an awesome smoke for awhile now, and was named Cigar Aficionado’s Cigar of The Year back in 2008. These famous Nicaraguan Puros have just recently been made available to online retailers, and I’ve enjoyed the Casa Magna Oscuro on several occasions, so for today’s review I pulled out a sample of the Colorado Churchill to put to the test and see what the lighter-wrapped Casa had to offer.

Even at a glance, this stick was noticeably super-shiny, with a silky-smooth and extremely oily Colorado wrapper. It had a nice even fill and sturdy triple-cap, and was overall a very nice looking cigar. Pre-light tastes were faint, giving off only a light woody note, and the wrapper had a rich “barnyard” scent to it. The stogie lit up easily and evenly, and I began the tasting. 

The first flavors to emerge were of smooth cedar backed with a slight butter note. Ensuing draws saw the cedar note build and become sweeter, with just a hint of pepper coming through on the exhale. The thick, black burn line had a leathery look to it, and was straight all the way around. About an inch and a half in, a cream note piped up, smoothing out the woody and sweet flavors even further.

As I burned into the 2nd third, the profile evolved into a smoky and sweet cedar, along with pronounced tastes of rich tobacco, and a little bit of the butter that I had tasted in the first couple of puffs. The dark gray ashes had held on for a couple inches at a time before dropping off, and the stogie continued to burn nice and cool. By this point the flavors had culminated into one smooth and pleasant, well-balanced taste that I found quite enjoyable.

As tasty as the 2nd portion of the cigar had been, it really hit its stride in the final third. Suddenly this stogie was super-rich and spicy, with notes of coffee, roasted nuts, and a sweetness that reminded me of toffee joining the ever-present smooth cedar taste. I literally said “wow” out loud to myself when I got to this part. I also determined that there was a bit of a “creeper” factor to this cigar, as it wasn’t until the last third that I started to feel the full-bodiedness of the blend. But, the heavy nicotine buzz deterred me none, and I proceeded to show this stogie absolutely no mercy, puffing it right on down to the finger-burning level.

I’ve been on a lucky streak lately of reviewing cigars that actually appeal to my own personal tastes, and the Casa Magna Colorado is the latest cigar I’ve evaluated that falls into this category. Besides the fact that it burned perfectly and was obviously well-blended, this stogie just tasted fantastic from start to finish, and was supremely smooth, especially for such a powerful blend. It seemed to have just the right level of complexity, with a nice flavor progression that totally held my interest for the duration of the smoke. By the time I reached the last third I had decided to pick up some of these for my personal stash. I give the Casa Magna Colorado my full recommendation, as well as a grade of A. This stick was a winner on all accounts.

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