Cigar Review: C&C Connecticut Robusto

C & C Connecticut Robusto (5×50)

You may remember a few weeks back I reviewed the C & C Corojo, which turned out to be quite enjoyable. Since then, I have also sampled the C & C LRMD (maduro) blend, and found it to be just as good, if not better than the Corojo. For today’s review I decided to give the Connecticut-wrapped version a go, in order to see how it would compare to the other C & C stogies I had tried. I figured if it was even half as tasty as the other two blends I would be in for a treat.

The stick looked solid, sporting a hearty and veiny Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and a sturdy triple-cap up top. After a quick snip with my trusty scissor cutter I got ample pre-light notes of sweet cedar and a bit of nuttiness. The C & C Connecticut lit up easily and evenly, and I was off and smoking.

Right away the cigar produced a nice thick cloud of dense smoke through a nice, easy draw. Initial flavors of the cigar were creamy and nutty, with a touch of white pepper on the finish. Even from the first puff I was treated to a rich tobacco flavor with no bite.

As I worked my way into the 2nd third of the stick the smoke became silky smooth, with the flavors progressing towards a tasty earthiness. I was picking up a surprising anise note, as well as some malty sweetness. By this point I could already tell this wasn’t your average Connecticut stogie, as I was getting some very interesting and non-traditional flavors.

In the last third this smoke continued to smoke nice and cool, and without complication. Here the flavors were deep, earthy and robust and still kept a nice smoothness. The stogie burned like a champ, and held its flavor until the end.

Without a doubt, the C & C Connecticut was a step up from the typical lighter-wrapped cigar’s flavor profile. Besides the fact that this stogie burned flawlessly from start to finish, it also had bold flavor transitions and complexity that I wasn’t expecting. In all honesty, I can say that the C & C is one of the tastiest Connecticut smokes I have smoked thus far. Like the Corojo, the C & C Connecticut Robusto gets a rating of B+, and a slot in my next cigar order. If you’re getting a little bored with your Macanudos and Romeos, I strongly suggest you give these a shot.

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