Cigar Review: C&C Robusto Corojo

C & C Robusto Corojo

A recent arrival to our humidor shelves, C & C cigars are a new boutique brand from Joe Chiusano, formerly of Cusano cigars. C & C cigars are handmade in the Dominican Republic, and are currently available in Connecticut, Corojo, or maduro wrapper shades. For today’s test run I pulled out the Corojo blend, which features an Ecuadorian Corojo wrapper, Dominican binder, and  a mix of premium seco, viso and ligero leaves of Corojo and Cuban-seed tobaccos. I had to see what this reasonably-priced offering from the guy behind the vintage flavor of Cusano 18 was all about.

Taking a good look at the cigar, it seemed nicely-rolled, with a sturdy triple cap-job. The creamy-brown wrapper was smooth and veiny, with just a couple of minor sandspots towards the foot. Pre-light draws didn’t offer much of a clue as to the flavor of the cigar, other than a mellow baking-spice note. I torched it up and got to tastin’.

The initial flavors of the C & C Corojo were nutty and cedary, with a mellow pepper note throughout. The taste as a whole was spicy, but in a very mellow way. The burn was even all the way around, and the draw was good, giving just the right amount of resistance. As I burned a little further in I began to detect a slight sweetness on the finish.

As I smoked into the second 3rd, the profile shifted to a more full and earthy taste, with rich tobacco flavor, and a healthy dose of pepper. By this point my palate was coated with a syrupy sweetness, and I was looking at a nice thick ash atop a perfectly straight burn-line.

Right as I reached the final third of the smoke I did a quick purge of the cigar to see how it would affect the flavor. While the change wasn’t drastic, it did seem to help “clarify” the flavors a bit. Notes of cream were present, as well as a nice, zesty white pepper. The cigar continued to burn cool and razor-straight until I finally set the nub down.

The C & C Robusto Corojo didn’t have a ton of complexity and flavor transition to it, nor did I expect it to. What it did have was good, consistent flavor all the way through, and a flawless burn and draw. The flavors in this stogie were nicely layered, and came across as both spicy and sweet, unlike many Corojo smokes I’ve sampled that were one-dimensional, focusing on spice only.  All in all, I quite enjoyed the C & C Robusto Corojo, and I give it a solid grade of B+. This one is definitely deserving of a spot in your go-to stash, and for less than $4 a stick, I would say they’re practically unbeatable.

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