Cigar Review – Cusano 18 Corojo Dominicano Robusto

A recent addition to our ever-growing inventory, the Cusano 18 Corojo Dominicano is a new, Corojo-wrapped version of the fan-favorite Cusano 18, a blend that has always stood out from the pack, largely due to its unique blend of 18-year aged filler tobaccos. In my experience, Cusano’s stogies have been consistently well-rolled and smooth-smoking, so I was excited to fire up the Corojo Dominicano  Robusto(5×50) for today’s review.

The stick wore a very mottled and veiny wrapper with a lot of tooth and texture. Construction seemed to be up to par, with a firm and even fill throughout the length of the cigar. Pre-light draws gave off a tangy and sweet wood taste, along with a crisp nuttiness.

Initial flavors upon lighting the cigar were of sweet cedar, leather, and butter, with some light white pepper on the finish. These relaxed full flavors became progressively more smooth and creamy as I puffed through the first third.

The 2nd third of the smoke presented a creamy culmination of the aforementioned flavors punctuated occasionally by a nice little spicy tobacco note. The cigar was producing tons of dense smoke and the burn was even and clean. While there wasn’t a lot of transition in flavor during this portion I did pick up savory notes of nuts, and a lot of nuances, including an interesting tea flavor that would pop up every now and then.

As I took the Cusano 18 Corojo down to the nub the profile remained tasty and consistent, and even as I hit the 1-inch mark this stogie stayed cool-burning and without a trace of harshness or bitterness.

The Cusano 18 Corojo Dominicano turned out to be an effortlessly enjoyable smoke. Though the flavors were not very complex, they did have a “layered” quality to them that kept things interesting and provided a lot of tasty little nuances. The spice level was not as high as I was expecting, instead the profile had a deep, earthy, and nutty taste. Just as I had predicted, this stick burned super-clean with no issues from start to finish. This is the kind of cigar that I could easily smoke every day, and for today I award it a solid B grade. Fans of Cusano 18’s supreme smoothness and maintenance-free burn will not be disappointed.

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