Cigar Review – Don Sixto Corona Gorda by Plasencia

Don Sixto by Nestor Plasencia was named in honor of Sixto Plasencia, the patriarch responsible for establishing the family’s tobacco empire in Cuba and one of the first to use Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos in cigars. Handcrafted in Honduras, Don Sixto cigars feature a Honduran Connecticut-seed wrapper and a Nicaraguan and Honduran filler blend. For today’s review I decided to take the Corona Gorda (5 1/2 x 52) size out for a spin.

The cigar wore a clean-looking Connecticut wrapper beneath a very straightforward yellow and gold band bearing the name of the blend. This stick appeared to be evenly-filled and well-rolled, and pre-light draws gave off notes of honey, wheat, and spicy tobacco flavor. After a quick toast of the foot I was off and smoking.

The Don Sixto opened with a silky-smooth bouquet of wood and butter with some very zesty white pepper on the finish. Burn and draw were both off to a good start, and the flavor profile became progressively creamier as I burned through the first third. A neat, dark-grey ash was building up nicely as I burned past the two-inch mark.

In the second third the pepper dropped out completely, making way for laid-back flavors of nuts and cream, along with a subtle caramel sweetness. This portion of the cigar was about as smooth as they come, and this lasted for a while before a bit more body and fuller flavors of earth and rich tobacco returned to the mix.

During the final third the Don Sixto’s profile remained remarkably clean and consistent, with the flavors gradually deepening a bit. There were some very tasty nuances in flavor in this 3rd, and a couple of interesting tasting notes that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. With about 1 ½ inches remaining I finally laid the stick to rest.

The Don Sixto turned out to be a really smooth and relaxing smoke that made me wish I had a good dark roast coffee to go with it. This cigar was maintenance-free with easygoing, enjoyable flavors that read like just the right mix of Nicaraguan and Honduran characteristics. Today I’m giving the Don Sixto Corona Gorda a B+ grade, and I would recommend it to pretty much anyone looking for a solid and smooth standby smoke with high-end taste and performance.

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