Cigar Review – E.P. Carrillo Inch Short Run 2014

epcar inch shortrun stickIt’s funny how things change. A couple of years ago the number of short and fat stogies that crossed my desk were few and far between, as there just simply weren’t many of them on the market. As the big-ring trend began to pick up speed and our roster of Robolo cigars continued to grow, it eventually became commonplace for me to light up a 60-ring cigar or two a week for review. Still, the one big-ring blend that sticks out in my mind is E.P. Carrillo’s original Inch cigar, which is why I was particularly excited to cut into the recently released Inch Short Run 2014 62 (5×62) for today’s evaluation.

The S.R. 2014 was similar in appearance to the Inch Maduro, with its deep brown Corojo wrapper peering out from behind the Inch’s customary old-school ruler bandepcar inch shortrun b design. The Short Run, however, sports a secondary black and gold band bearing the line’s name and the year of release, 2014. The stick felt solidly packed from foot to head, and pre-light draws gave off a taste of slightly sweet cedar with hints of cocoa.

The cigar lit up to a full taste of bold black pepper and molasses. Right away it was producing large clouds of smoke with each draw, and after just a couple of puffs some smooth cream kicked in, “rounding out” the profile a bit. The burn had started off a little crooked in the first inch, but I was able to rectify the situation via triple torch rather quickly.

By the 2nd third the big black pepper note had morphed into more of a low-key baking spice, and ancillary notes were of smoky cedar, cocoa and leather. The smoke remained creamy and abundant as the “bright” flavors of the first third mellowed out some. This portion was very smooth with just a tiny punch of spice in each puff. Right epcar inch shortrun aaround the half-way mark smoke production became even more gratuitous, with huge plumes of thick milky smoke pouring out in every puff, almost to a distracting degree. I don’t use discipline on cigars often, but I finally had to set this stick down in the ashtray and tell it to calm down. Tough love.

As I burned into the final 3rd I began to feel the effects of the cigar’s full-bodiedness set in. The stick’s profile had progressed to include a new, distinct rich tobacco taste and some syrupy anise. This portion was remarkably clean and smooth as far as last third flavors go, or at least that’s how my now-spinning head perceived it. I finished out the Short Run 62 with a good nicotine buzz, complete with silly, lopsided grin.

The E.P. Carrillo Inch Short Run 2014 62 was a robust little stogie that held a combination of flavor and strength that really hit the mark for this smoker. This stick pumped out loads of rich smoke from start to finish, and conveyed a nice range of interesting and nuanced tasting notes. Other than a slightly rocky start to the burn, the smoke was maintenance-free, and smoke production certainly wasn’t lacking. Out of the Inch releases we’ve seen thus far, the S.R. 2014 lands in my #2 spot, second only to the original Inch, and I give it an esteemed B grade. If you’ve enjoyed Carrillo’s other Inch offerings to date you won’t wanna miss this one.epcar inch shortrun band

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