Cigar Review – Edgar Hoill Cigars Cultra

Edgar Hoill Cultra (41/2 x38 x54)

Well folks, we’re not even two weeks in and 2013 is already turning out to be a very interesting year for cigar reviews. This week the latest addition to Christian Eiora’s Fabricas Unidas holding company, Edgar Hoill Cigars landed on our shelves, and they are quite unique to say the least. The cigars are a blend of 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos and come in three cool, non-traditional vitolas. Based on shape alone I was curious to see what these were all about, and when I realized they were associated with Eiora’s tasty CLE Cigars I just had to bust one out for review. I chose the Cultra size (4 ½ x 38x 54.)

The Cultra had an uncommon shape, similar to a pyramid, but with a tiny rounded head instead of the usual torpedo tip, and instead of an individual band the stogie was wrapped in a strip of the spider-webbed tissue paper you sometimes see as a liner in cigar boxes.   The dark brown, somewhat mottled wrapper had quite a few pronounced thin veins running throughout it, and construction on the unusual vitola looked to be excellent, with a nice, even fill from head to foot. After clipping the cigar’s weird little cap with my trusty Credo scissors I was treated to pre-light notes of earth and fruity sweetness.

Right off the bat, this stick opened up to thick and chewy smoke with a very strong, full taste of earth, pepper, and leather. The draw was wide open, and after a few puffs I began to detect a syrupy molasses note in the background. About an inch into the smoke the initial intensity dropped out a bit, leaving a balanced and savory profile of spicy earth, molasses, and hay.

Going into the second third of the cigar I was rocking a solid black/grey striped ash and the burn was nothing short of perfect, which I found impressive on a cigar with this kind of strange shape. This portion introduced a “drier” taste of nutmeg, unsweetened cocoa, and espresso, along with an extremely rich tobacco spice that lingered in each puff. Smoking remained absolutely effortless as I continued to enjoy dense clouds of tasty and potent smoke.

By the time I burned into the final third the smoke had taken on a new silkiness, the cocoa and molasses flavors had become more dominant, and the cigar maintained its excellent performance. With just an inch left I began to really feel the Cultra’s strength and I finally put it down.

I have to admit, before this cigar was released I had never heard of Edgar Hoill, and didn’t realize he was a former collaborator at Camacho with Eiora and Matt Booth, but after smoking this cigar it makes perfect sense. The Edgar Hoill was super-rich, well-balanced, and complex with layers of vivid tasting notes. It burned clean as hell the whole way through, and held a sturdy ash for more than half of the session. The varied bold flavors I found in the EH Cultra would make the perfect companion to a strong, sweet drink, maybe a nice rum and coke. Based on my experience today I have to give the Edgar Hoill Cultra an A+ grade, and I expect it to become very popular in the months ahead.

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