Cigar Review – Edgar Hoill OSOK Callejero

You know I couldn’t leave you guys without a review before the long weekend, so here it is, and this one is hot off the press – Edgar Hoill’s new One Shot One Kill Callejero Perfecto (5×48.)

This was a very well-made perfecto with clean construction and an ample double-cap. The wrapper had a nice oily sheen to it, though a good chunk of it was covered by the large black and silver band on the cigar. Cold draws gave off a taste off slightly sweet tobacco and white pepper.

The cigar started off sweet, smooth, and woody, with a rich, peppery finish. The perfecto tip of this stick had lit up like a charm and grew quickly into an even burn. The draw was pretty firm but seemed to suit the flavors well. Within just a few puffs I was able to detect the significant strength of the cigar.

Smoke production increased quite a bit in the 2nd third as the draw loosened up a little bit. The sharp pepper from the finish had eased its way into the main profile and had become one of the more dominant flavors by this time. The burn was right on point and eventually the pepper eased up some, allowing for notes of nuts, cedar, damp earth, and leather to take the stage.

In the final third there was not a whole lot of transition, though as expected, the flavors were a bit deeper and darker than before. The sweetness I had tasted in the intro was again present, this time as a thick, syrupy flavor on the finish. Both burn and draw remained consistent until I finally laid the stick down.

The OSOK Callejero had a near-perfect burn and bold flavor that came across sufficiently smooth. I would describe it as a “traditional” full-bodied profile with a lot more style than usual. For those looking for a strong stick with heavy-yet-balanced flavor I would say that the OSOK would be a solid bet and I give it a respectable B grade. This was a straight-up, slow-burning, no-nonsense smoke.

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