Cigar Review- Fogo Gold Habano Gran Perfecto

Another recent addition to our ever-expanding stogie roster here at BestCigarPrices, the Fogo Gold Habano Gran Perfecto (6×60) is a Nicaraguan puro from the Brazilian Cigars & Tobacco company featuring a blend of Nicaraguan binder and fillers beneath an Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. When these first arrived in our humidor I was blown away by their appearance alone, as they were some of the best-looking perfectos I had ever seen. The classic shape reminded me of a stogie you would see in a cartoon or drawing, it was just perfect. Thinking that if the flavor compared at all to the construction I was in for a real treat, I pulled one out to light up for today’s review.

Like I said, these are some good-looking stogies. The roll appeared to be flawless, with a slick and oily Habano wrapper speckled with little dark spots throughout. After clipping the cap I was treated to an interesting pre-light taste of citrus, kind of like a Honeydew Melon sweetness. Intrigued, I got to the toasting.

The initial flavors upon lighting were of smoky cedar, bold black pepper and cocoa swirled together. About an inch in, once I had cleared the perfecto tip, the pepper morphed into a savory nutmeg spice, and the taste went from its crisp and robust intro into a smooth balanced profile. The burn was off to a solid start, and the cigar was smoking perfectly.

In the second 3rd this stogie was smooth, balanced, woody, and much less spicy. I started picking up a cool cherry note every now and then. By this point the profile had become super-creamy, and I had built up a nice clean perfecto-shaped ash.

As I worked my way into the final portion the flavor became very relaxed, a huge departure from the bold intro I had experienced. I finally got some of the fruitiness I had tasted on the pre-light, it was pretty subtle, but went well with the already established flavors of the cigar. The smoke remained silky and well-balanced, and burned perfectly until the end.

As I stated earlier, the Fogo Gold Gran Perfecto is one of the best-rolled cigars I personally have ever come across, and their sharp appearance is mirrored in their burn performance, which was just awesome. Warren, the buyer for our company has been smoking cigars for a lot longer than I, nearly 20 years in fact, and he agreed that these have some of the most solid construction he had seen on any cigar. As far as tastiness goes, the Fogo held engaging flavors from start to finish that changed not only in taste, but also in intensity, making for an eventful smoke. All in all, I have to give the Fogo Gold Habano Gran Perfecto an A grade. If you’re in the market for a new go-to stick that won’t disappoint, you could do far worse than giving Fogo a try.

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