Cigar Review: La Flor Dominicana Mystery Cigar

Originally blended for distribution at special events only, La Flor Dominicana has recently released a limited amount of their “Mystery Cigar” blend to the general public. Measuring in at 6 ½ x44, the Mystery Cigar is the latest to join a recent trend of cigars with undisclosed blend info, hence the name. While little information has been released in regards to the tobaccos used in the cigar, it has been described as medium-to-full in body, and the company has stated that “you can be certain there is a bit of Dominican Ligero from our farm in La Canela.”  My curiosity officially piqued, I decided to break out one of these cryptic sticks for today’s review.

The cigar wore a dark and mottled wrapper with many pronounced veins and was capped off with a tiny little pigtail. The sleek Lonsdale vitola had a soft box press to it and construction looked to be up to par. Pre-light draws gave off a taste of rich tobacco and a slight sweetness as well.

After an easy light the cigar opened up to smoky and woody flavors with a tinge of pepper on the finish. About ¾ of an inch into the smoke the profile expanded to include thick notes of cocoa and cream, and eventually some syrupy sweetness.

An unexpected heavy note of leather took the lead in the 2nd third of the cigar as the sweet cocoa taste lingered on the end of each puff. This stick was now producing clouds of voluminous, creamy smoke with each draw and I began to pick up subtle hints of anise every now and then. A crisp taste of pepper was present throughout, and an occasional taste of salt also made a brief appearance.

In the final third the flavors of the Mystery stick stayed consistent and smooth for the most part before the ol’ “last third funk” began to creep up, ending my session with the cigar.

The La Flor Dominicana Mystery Cigar had deep and nuanced flavors that took some interesting turns during the course of the smoke. This cigar had a very, very slow burn for its size with a total smoke-time ending up at about an hour and a half. As far as performance goes the LFD Mystery was great, as the burn-line strayed only slightly and the draw was perfect. The smoke also had a really nice aroma to it, as noted by a few of my co-workers passing by while I was smoking. I give the La Flor Dominicana Mystery a B+ and I recommend it to fans of heavy flavor and complex smokes, and also for those with an adventurous palate.

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