When our first shipment of Lou Rodriguez cigars arrived on the loading dock this week I had to do a little research- admittedly, I had not heard of them. Turns out Lou Rodriguez is a boutique company based out of Nicaragua that has been around for a little while now. The Edicion Premier Maduro features a proprietary blend of Rodriguez’s Nicaraguan tobaccos beneath a San Andres maduro wrapper. For today’s review I pulled out a sample of the smallest vitola in this line of box-pressed cigars, the Bombom (4 3/4 x 42.)

The cigar had a neat presentation with its clean box-pressed shape and dark maduro wrap beneath a band bearing the Lou Rodriguez name. An additional band at the foot identified the blend as the Edicion Premier, and the cigar was evenly filled throughout. Pre-light draws gave off an unexpected fruity sweetness with a tinge of spice.

The Bombom opened up to an initial taste of earth and red and black pepper. The flavors here were very full and robust and the peppery spice lingered around my palate a bit more than usual. This stick was burning straight and producing tons of chewy smoke with each pull.

In the 2nd third the cigar remained relentlessly full-flavored as bold notes of cocoa, nutmeg, and a peculiar sweetness joined the fold. Despite the cigar’s small stature it remained cool and even burning.

Going into the final portion the flavors seemed to intensify even more, without becoming harsh or overwhelming. With an inch left the ol’ “last third funk” finally crept up, ending my session with the Bombom.

The Lou Rodriguez Edicion Premier Bombom was much more robust and powerful than I was expecting. It had a decent range of flavors that progressed from start to finish, but they all had one thing in common: they pulled no punches. The spice in this cigar was particularly pungent in certain portions, and despite all this intense flavor action it left my palate feeling pretty clean (even if my head was spinning a little.) I would be interested in checking out this blend in a larger size to see what a bit more filler in the filler-to-wrapper ratio would do for the profile. Based on today’s smoke I award the Bombom a solid B+ and recommend it to anyone that likes em’ small and strong. This is one short-smoke that packs quite a kick.

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