Cigar Review – Macanudo Gold Brick (6×60)

The Macanudo Gold Label has long enjoyed a reputation as the king of mellow stogies. These special release sticks have always been a top-seller for us, and like many mellow smokes in our inventory, I had never bothered to test one out. In keeping up my recent trend of smoking stuff that I usually wouldn’t , for today’s review I decided to spark up the monstrous Brick size (6×60), which was added to the line in 2011.

The Macanudo Gold Brick wore an almost flawless Connecticut wrapper with an oily sheen that gave off a slight grassy/nutty aroma. Although the pre-light puffs provided very little taste, I was able to tell that the draw was a bit firmer than I had expected for such a large cigar.

This stick started off with some very familiar elements, as it was creamy, nutty, and super-smooth with undertones of caramel sweetness. The smoke itself was light and silky, and every now and then a crisp note of rich tobacco popped up, adding a little more depth to the clean profile.

A bit further in, a strong note of cedar became the prominent flavor, and the cigar was much less sweet. The burn-line was even all the way around, and I had built up a solid 2 ½ inch grey ash. As smooth as the first 3rd was, the second was even smoother, with well-balanced and subtle notes of toast, graham, and coffee rounding out the easy-going taste. Just as I was approaching the last third of the cigar the draw eased up a bit as the stick continued to burn cool and clean.

In the final portion I got a lot more rich tobacco, which was even surprisingly spicy at times, but the main flavors remained majorly smooth with an effortless burn and draw. The caramel sweetness returned during this third,

As advertised, the Macanudo Gold was mellow, super-smooth, and awesomely well-balanced with nice little nuances in flavor. It could have been a bit more eventful flavor-wise for my taste, but as far as Connecticut-wrapped Dominicans go I’m pretty sure this stick hit the mark pretty good. The performance gave me absolutely no problems, and the creamy  taste was consistent from start to finish. All in all, this was a nice mellow stogie that makes for a great summertime smoke, and I award it a grade of B+. If you’re looking for a gift for your favorite Macanudo nut, the Gold Label Gold Bar (5 x 60 ) comes in cool gold-foil-wrapped individual coffins for a great presentation.

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