Cigar Review – Mike Ditka’s Kickoff Series “The Coach” 50×5 by Camacho

Mike Ditka Kickoff Series “The Coach” 50×5 by Camacho

Joining a recent trend of cigars created to pay homage to famous sports figures (most notably the Gary Sheffield Home Run 500 by Rocky Patel and the Dale Earnhardt 88 by Ted’s Cigars), Camacho has released a series of cigars in tribute to famed NFL legend Mike Ditka. Three different cigars dubbed “The Coach”, “Hall of Famer”, and “The Player” are now available, each one featuring an entirely different wrapper shade and interior blend. For today’s review I pulled out a stick of the Criollo-wrapped Coach 50X5 to see just exactly what Ditka’s stogies were all about.

After taking the cigar out of its slick little individual coffin box I noted that its construction appeared to be flawless, a trait that I’ve come to associate with the Camacho brand. The band on the stick celebrates Ditka’s 1985 NFL Coach of the Year award and features a portrait of “The Coach” himself. Pre-light tastes gave off a potent taste of vivid, smoky cedar and butter, along with a slight malty sweetness.

After a near-effortless toasting of the foot the Coach opened up with “loud” flavors of bread, earth, cedar and some crisp white pepper on the finish. As I puffed on, my throat began to tingle more and more from the zesty pepper spice before the profile started to find its balance. Both burn and draw were right on point during this portion. By the time I had reached the ¾ inch mark the smoke had become much creamier, the above-mentioned flavors were rolling together smoothly, and the pepper was now greatly muted.

Following an intensely flavorful intro, the second third of the cigar came across as very smooth and relaxed. The main flavors present here were creamy cedar, butter, earth, and a touch of salt. Notes of espresso eventually crept in as the earthy taste became more prominent and the pepper came back for an encore, this time a bit “darker” than before.

Going into the final 3rd the cigar began to burn just a little bit crooked but the draw remained excellent. The rotating cast of flavor notes continued its parade, now joined by a malty sweetness that lingered on the end of each puff. With just over an inch left I finally laid the Coach down to rest.

The Mike Ditka Coach by Camacho was good. Good enough that I now look forward to sampling the rest of the Kickoff Series. This stick had a nice grouping of flavors and despite the intensity in certain portions of the profile, left my palate feeling surprisingly clean. I had some minor burn issues towards the end of the smoke, but other than that the performance was excellent. Based on my experience today I award the Mike Ditka Coach 50×5 a solid B+ grade. If you’re looking for a new cigar to enjoy during your Superbowl festivities, you could do far worse than The Coach.

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