Cigar Review: My Father Flor de Las Antillas Toro

My Father Flor de Las Antillas Toro (6×52)

Earlier this week our sales rep from My Father Cigars was nice enough to stop by and drop off some samples of their much-anticipated new Flor de Las Antillas line. Blended as a tribute to the Pepin family’s Cuban cigar heritage, the Flor de Las Antillas is a box-pressed Nicaraguan puro with a sun grown wrapper from the Namanji region of Esteli. For today’s review I decided to light up the Toro (6×52) to see what “the flower of the Antillas” was all about.

The cigar had an elegant look to it, with an oily and veiny sun grown wrapper sporting two bands, one with some vintage Cuban artwork and the name of the cigar, and also a maroon ribbon at the foot. The shape of the cigar was what I would call a “soft box-press”, with the edges slightly more rounded than usual. Also, though I never saw it mentioned anywhere, I noticed that this stick also had a very slight taper to it, coming in from the foot similar to a pyramid. Pre-light draws were wide open and gave off a slightly sweet and floral character. Without further ado, I began toasting.

Initial flavors of the cigar were of espresso, cedar, and a savory spice note in the background. The draw was absolutely effortless, and produced a ton of thick, creamy smoke with each puff. Though not overly complex, this stogie was very full in flavor, and about an inch or so in I started picking up notes of unsweetened dark cocoa.

By the time I reached the 2nd third the spice had dropped out almost completely, and the profile had progressed into a robust, rich and leathery taste. The grey and black striped ash was up to the two-inch mark by now, and the burn was starting to lean a little bit, but nothing too outrageous. This stick continued to smoke crazy smooth, and right as I approached the final 3rd I began to taste a bit of dried fruit sweetness in the mix.

In the last portion the flavors turned to a deep taste of earth and leather, which was nicely offset by the subtle sweetness of the wrapper. With only just over an inch left this stogie was still burning nice and cool, and continued to do so until I left it to smolder out in the ashtray.

The Flor de Las Antillas was much different in terms of taste compared to other My Father cigars I’ve had. The flavor profile was full and well-balanced, with just a little bit of spice to get your attention on the intro. After that it was super-smooth sailing, with the flavors transitioning to a deeper taste as the smoke went on. At no point was there even a hint of harshness to this stick, and the burn and draw were both excellent. I have a sneaking suspicion that these will do quite well with some age, and on this first go-round I give the Flor de Las Antillas a grade of B, and chalk it up as another win for My Father cigars.

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