Cigar Review – Oliva Serie V Melanio No. 4

Named for the founding father of Oliva Cigars, the Oliva Serie V Melanio is composed of aged Nicaraguan ligero tobaccos beneath a slick Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. The Oliva family has had a near-flawless track record of making awesome cigars as of late, so naturally I was expecting good things when I set out to evaluate the No. 4 (41/2 x 46) in today’s review.

The Melanio #4 was a nice little stogie with firm box-pressed construction and two sharp-looking gold and brown bands covering a good portion of the cigar. Pre-light draws gave off a complex taste of nuts mixed with a fruity, kool-aid-like sweetness.

After an easy light, the initial taste of the cigar carried notes of rich coffee, butter, and some crisp cedar. The flavors here were full and well-balanced with a lingering, spicy tobacco finish. This stick was letting off tons of pleasant-smelling smoke, and both burn and draw were spot-on during this portion.

I began to detect just a slight sweetness from the wrapper along with a new graham note as I burned into the second 3rd. About an inch and three quarters into the cigar a major creaminess emerged, bringing the intensity of the smoke down a few levels and increasing the smoothness epicly. This was turning out to be some pretty smooth smoking, but none of the cigar’s rich flavor was lost in the transition. A quick retrohale assured me of this.

 Smooth notes of coffee, cedar, nuts, and slightly sweet spice continued to dominate the Melanio’s profile as I reached the last third. The flavors remained as clean and easily readable as when I had first lit up. Finally, vivid combinations of espresso, sweet cedar, and cream took me through a short, though satisfying finish.

The Oliva V Melanio No. 4 had great flavor with a medium-level complexity and a nice clean burn that required no touch-ups. The draw was perfect from start to finish, and while the cigar definitely had some formidable strength to it, at no point did I feel overwhelmed by it. Aside from all of that, I have to admit that I just really liked the look and feel of this little box-pressed petite corona in my hand. Based on today’s session I’m giving the Oliva Serie V Melanio No. 4 an easy A grade. This one really lived up to my high expectations, and I’m guessing that these will be a big hit for the brand.

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