Melanio Oliva first began growing cigars in Pirar Del Rio, Cuba in 1886. Melanio fought in Cuba’s War of Independence, and as a result of this his cigar operation was put on hold. After returning home to his passion, Oliva passed on the family business to his son, Hipolito. As the Cuban Communist government increased it’s power, Hipolito’s son, Gilberto, traveled from country to country trying to find the perfect growing conditions. After going to Honduras, the Philippines, Panama, and Mexico, Oliva finally settled on Nicaragua. To this today, Oliva is the second largest grower of Cuban seed tobacco in Nicaragua.

Oliva cigars didn’t take off until the mid 1990's, which is due to the dedication and determination of the Oliva family. Oliva cigars have consistently come out with new blends that have been well received by the cigar community, and have had several cigars get high ratings in Cigar Aficionado.

The Flor de Oliva bundles are a bargain deal that we are proud to offer. These cigars are not seconds, or throw-aways, but are first rate bundled cigars. All of the Flor de Oliva bundles are offered in bundles of twenty five, with either a Corojo, Maduro, or Connecticut wrapper. These wrappers are reflected in the name’s of the cigars, as there are Maduro, Corojo and Gold (Connecticut) lines. Our customers seem to love paying less than two dollars a stick for a good quality everyday smoke.

The Oliva O cigar is offered in both Sun Grown and Maduro shades. The O is a Nicaraguan Puro, made using the old Cuban tradition of growing the same Habano seed in many different regions of the country in order to produce a very distinct blend. The Oliva O cigar blend was made using tobacco from the Esteli, Condega and Jalapa Valley regions of Nicaragua. The O Sun Grown cigar uses a Sun Grown Habano wrapper, while the O Maduro cigar uses an aged Connecticut Broadleaf. The Oliva O cigar is aged at a humidity rate of seventy to seventy eight percent to ensure the preservation of natural oils. The Oliva O cigar got a 92 in the February, 2006 issue of Cigar Aficionado, as well as one of the Best Cigars of 2005 award that Aficionado issues annually.

The Oliva Serie G cigar is offered in both Cameroon and Maduro shades. The Oliva Serie G is an ideal medium bodied smoke that has received rave reviews from our customers since its introduction. Although Oliva has been around for a long time as a family business, in the past ten years the entire world has begun to notice the quality of their cigars, and Oliva Serie G certainly helped that. The Oliva Serie G Cameroon cigar has a delicious thin African Cameroon wrapper that is aged with dashes of oil, to ensure the flavor is encapsulated during the aging process. The Oliva Serie G Maduro uses an aged Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper. The Oliva Serie G cigar has a Cuban-seed Habano binder, as well as a Nicaraguan Habano filler. It received a 92 rating in the February, 2007 issue of Cigar Aficionado, as well as many positive ratings from other publications such as Cigar Insider.

The Oliva Serie V cigar took on the industry by storm in late 2007, and early 2008. It seemed like everyone wanted one of these delicious cigars, and we had a hard time keeping them on the shelves. After receiving a 94 rating in the December, 2007 issue of Cigar Aficionado, as well as being one of the Best Cigars of the Year, the Oliva Serie V has continued on in the tradition of the O and Serie G. The Oliva Serie V cigar is certainly a full bodied cigar that is very complex, but maintains a smoothness not found in many cigars of the V’s caliber. Using a Habano Sun Grown wrapper, as well as a Nicaraguan binder and a specially fermented Jalapa Valley Ligero filler, the Oliva Serie V maintains a balance that is unparalleled. The Oliva Serie V has hints of spice, as well as coffee and dark chocolate. Pick up a box today, and see why it’s one of our favorites!

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