Cigar Review: Perdomo ESV 2002 Sun Grown Robusto

Perdomo ESV 2002 Sun Grown Robusto

The Perdomo Estate Seleccion Vintage 2002 line is the highly anticipated follow-up to the ESV 1991, which has been a big hit for Perdomo since its debut in 2005. The Sun Grown blend consists of bourbon cask-aged Nicaraguan fillers from the 2002 harvest, complimented by a well-aged Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper. If there is one thing we’ve learned about Perdomo, it’s that they are no stranger to crafting a stogie using finely aged tobaccos, and based on the huge success of the original ESV, I was quite stoked to give the 2002 blend a go.

At a glance, the veiny sun grown wrapper on the cigar was a creamy reddish-brown color with a nice, oily sheen to it. The stogie appeared to be very well-constructed, and had a “classy” look and feel to it. Cold draws provided ample notes of sweet cedar and a rich nuttiness. Without further ado, I began toasting.

As soon as the stogie was lit, I was hit with a bold flavor blast, featuring notes of coffee, roasted nuts, cedar, and a powerful dose of lingering peppery spice. This was a really nice intro, and I could already tell that I liked where this stick was going, flavor-wise. Ensuing puffs saw the pepper chill out a bit, and a creamy note joined the mix, which played off of the nutty flavor quite nicely.

As I worked my way into the second 3rd, the stogie was burning razor straight and had accumulated a nice inch-plus ash. The complex flavors were meshing together seamlessly, and seemed to become smoother with each puff I took. It was around this point that the smoke took on a meaty character, and the cedary sweetness ramped up a bit, culminating in a really nice taste.

The final third of this stogie was silky-smooth, with notes of butter and cream rounding out a nice, long finish. This portion was sweet and woody, with the pepper note making a subtle comeback. Simply put, the cigar still tasted awesome, with nuanced flavor notes emerging even as I grew close to the nub.

During my session with the Perdomo ESV Sun Grown I experienced absolutely no issues with burn performance, and the draw was just right from start to finish. While this cigar was definitely entertaining to the palate, hosting a wide range of interesting, complex flavor notes, the unmistakable taste of quality Nicaraguan tobacco was present throughout. Just about every cigar on the market claims to be “smooth”, and “rich”, but this stogie was the genuine article, it was extremely smooth, and very rich and tasty. I suppose a decade of cedar-aging will do that. Of the many stogies I’ve smoked in recent months, the ESV Sun Grown stands out in my mind as one of the best, in terms of over-all smoking experience. I give the Perdomo ESV 2002 Sun Grown a winning A grade, and my highest recommendation. The new ESV is a rock-solid, box-worthy smoke.



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