Cigar Review – Relajado Toro

Relajado Toro (6×50)

After sampling the Gran Cantidad last week I couldn’t wait to light up the other new BCP exclusive, Relajado. Blended exclusively for Best Cigar Prices by General Cigar, the Relajado has been making big waves around the office since it arrived on our loading dock a couple of weeks ago, literally everyone who sampled it came to the same conclusion: that it was awesome. The blend is comprised of Dominican Piloto Cubano and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, including a healthy dose of Nicaraguan Ligero, beneath a Nicaraguan binder and an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. After a couple of very enjoyable test smokes I finally broke out a sample of the Toro (6×50) for today’s review.

The Habano wrapper on the Relajado was toothy, veiny, and somewhat mottled with a reddish-brown hue to it.  Construction seemed to be up to par, with an even fill throughout the cigar and a well-applied cap securely in place. Pre-light notes were of cedar and nuts with a touch of fruity sweetness, and without further ado I was off and smoking.

The stogie lit up easily to a taste of slightly sweet cedar with a kick of white pepper on the finish. The draw was wide open, and the smoke during this portion was creamy and plentiful, and had just enough body to grab my attention. The burn was nice and straight and a strong black and grey-striped ash was building.

From the first 3rd to the second there was a good amount of transition, with the flavors smoothing out nicely to notes of butter, caramel, and some zesty allspice on the finish. Hints of honey and black pepper popped up now and then, making for an interesting and nuanced profile. As I burned into the final portion of the cigar it was still burning clean and smoking cool.

The last third presented balanced flavors of rich tobacco, cocoa, and more vivid caramel sweetness. Worth noting is that despite the fact I had almost finished smoking a full-flavored 6” cigar at this point, I was left with very little aftertaste, save for a pleasant little sweetness on the palate. This profile stayed consistent, eventually some light anise joined the fold, and I was treated to a long creamy finish.

 This was actually the third Relajado stick I’ve tested, and each one burned evenly and produced long thick ashes. I would definitely describe this as a relaxing smoke with nice subtleties and easy-going character. The Relajado had very pronounced flavor progression, but in a seamless way that came across as quite natural. I especially liked the second third, where it really reached its peak in my opinion. That buttery-sweet taste with just a bit of spice in the background was really quite nice. I have to agree with my co-workers on this one, it was awesome. We couldn’t be happier with our new Exclusives, and again I tip my hat to the guys at General for helping us make it happen.

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