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Cigar Review: Rocky Patel Edge Lite Toro

Immaculate cigar. Golf glove? Not so much.

I know you guys love reading cigar reviews — I do too. But often I wonder how accurate they are. So many reviewers smoke just one cigar, usually after little to no aging in their humidor, and then form a concrete opinion to broadcast to the world.

The ideal reviewer would smoke many of the same cigar in several different environments and situations, both aged and un-aged. Unfortunately this isn’t practical, but it is possible. In fact, it happens automatically when you find a new favorite. If we only let reviewers talk about their favorite stogies, we’d never learn about new cigars. But personally, I find reading favorable reviews much more exciting than hearing a whiny critic complain with their subjective opinion.

That’s why today I’ve chosen the Rocky Patel Edge Lite for review — it’s one of my favorites. I’ve smoked a whole bunch of ’em on the golf course, around the poker table and just chilling in the yard.

What makes it a favorite is not just the construction and flavor proile, but the cost as well. It’s easy to give an expensive cigar a high rating because only a few people can afford to check your work. I invite anyone to grab a 5-pack of Rocky Patel Edge Lite Toro for under $6 a stick to verify the claims herein.

I have been a dedicated fan of Rocky Patel since I first started smoking cigars, becoming a fast fan of Rocky’s special seasonal blends. But when I discovered the Edge Lite I knew I had hit the jackpot. I’m a fan of medium-bodied cigars that exhibit perfect flavor balance while offering enough complexity to keep things interesting.

The Edge Lite is exactly that — an extremely flavor-packed cigar that remains mellow and creamy throughout. It’s a very savory stick that produces great volumes of velvety smoke and nearly never requires a touch-up. The ash will often hold tight to the halfway point. The construction is so good that I take it for granted at this point. I feel a little bit spoiled to tell you the truth.

The taste is incredibly well-balanced and consistent. Nothing really stands to dominate as a core flavor, though there is a woody/nutty/buttery quality that lasts from foot to nub. At first you’re hit with a nice subtle pepper note, but the beauty is that as you smoke, that spice really opens up and becomes an ever-present but understated kick that keeps this cigar interesting. Everything kind of melts together as you get to the halfway point, again remaining remarkably consistent. By the final third the flavors intensify, rewarding the patient smoker with a grand finale that’s worthy of applause.

Now, I’ve smoked and rather enjoyed Rocky’s regular Edge line, a much more full-bodied experience. They are similarly delicious, and if I were a cigar-a-day smoker I’d probably gravitate toward these powerful Corojo- or Maduro-wrapped monsters. But as more of a weekend warrior I’m looking for a relaxing, creamy, effortless cigar. I want it to be consistently awesome in every regard, and I don’t want to pay super-premium prices.

The Edge Lite is exactly what I want in a cigar. If you sound like the kind of cigar fan I am, you’ll love it. If you’re just getting into cigars, you’ll probably love it. If you’re a fan of full-bodied cigars, you might not buy a box, but it’s a great cigar to take a break with. If you love milder cigars or flavored cigars, you still have to give it a try, you might be very surprised.

If you’ve never smoked a cigar before in your life… you could do worse to make a Rocky Patel Edge Lite your first! Check ’em out on our site here.