Cigar Review – Rocky Patel The Edge Candela Toro

Rocky Patel Edge Candela Toro (6×52)

A couple months back Rocky Patel introduced a new Candela-wrapped version of his super-popular The Edge line. As a fan of Rocky’s smokes in general, and someone who is still pretty “green” when it comes to Candela wraps (pun intended), I figured The Edge Candela Toro would be a good subject to feature in today’s review.


At a glance, The Edge Candela reminded me quite a bit of Frankenstein, with its pale green wrapper riddled with thin, stitch-like veins. Its construction seemed up to par, and after a quick snip of the cap I got a potent pre-light taste of grass and sour-dough bread, which I was not expecting. It was time to light up.

The cigar opened up with a light grassy taste, and just a light dose of white pepper on the finish. The draw was nice and easy, producing thick plumes of creamy and chewy smoke with every draw, and the thick black burn-line was just slightly wavy beneath a building black and grey-striped ash. During this portion the profile was dry, but full-flavored with minimal complexity and good balance.

Once I hit the two-inch mark the cigar became simultaneously creamier, and spicier, with the pepper coming through a little more fiercely than earlier. During this second 3rd the cigar became smoother and smoother with each puff, and notes of wood, bread, grass, and cream joined the mix. I was now sporting a hefty two-and-a-half inch ash, and the Edge Candela was still burning straight and clean.

In the final third the pepper dropped out almost completely, and the stogie took on a relaxed smoky and woody flavor that was quite enjoyable. Towards the end of the smoke a slight sweetness crept in, and the stick continued to smoke nice and smooth until the end.

The Rocky Patel Edge Candela turned out to be a bit more complex than I had expected. The flavors, while admittedly not really my personal cup of tea, were interesting and showed a lot of nice little nuances. Ultimately, this was a mellow and creamy cigar that burned beautifully, and smoked like a champ. Today I’m giving the Edge Candela a solid B+ grade, and I think a lot of folks will really dig this one, especially if mellow, smooth, and creamy is your stogie-preference.

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