Cigar Review- Room 101 San Andres 305

Room 101 San Andres 305 by Camacho

New to our shelves is the latest creation from stogie-whiz Matt Booth, the Room 101 San Andres. The San Andres is the third cigar in the Room 101 roster that will see ongoing production, as opposed to the bulk of their product line, which features primarily small-batch releases. The cigar features a natural-shade Mexican San Andres wrapper leaf grown by the Turrent family, and a mix of Corojo and Criollo filler tobaccos. Intrigued by what I thought sounded like a particularly interesting blend, I decided to take the San Andres 305 (5×50) out for a spin for today’s review.

This stogie wore a deep brown San Andres wrapper with a few pronounced veins, and a solid triple-cap-job up top. Pre-light notes were of earth, nuts, and roasted coffee. Without further ado, I began the toasting, and the stick lit up with no problem.

Right off the bat this stogie gave off a ton of thick, creamy smoke with ample notes of spicy and rich earth, and some bold black pepper on the finish. The burn could have been a little straighter here, but the draw was near perfect. Eventually the flavors smoothed out a bit, and a nutty note that reminded me of peanuts joined the fold.

As I burned into the 2nd third, the San Andres held on to its peppery zest, although it was a bit more subtle in this portion. By the end of this third the smoke had become majorly smooth and creamy, and notes of semi-sweet chocolate and espresso kicked in. I also noticed the burn had corrected itself nicely, and the stogie was now sporting a stout black and grey-striped ash.

The last third was definitely my favorite taste-wise. Here, all the aforementioned notes came together in an awesome, sweet tobacco taste with nutty and earthy overtones, and just a little of the earthy spice from the beginning had returned. The stick was still burning cool and evenly, and continued to do so until I finally set down the nub.

The Room 101 San Andres 305 has been touted as a major departure from Room 101’s usual flavor profiles, and I have to agree. This stick definitely had a unique taste, and was far more complex than I expected from a stogie with such a reasonable price-point. They also make the San Andres in the compact Papi Chulo size (4×42) that was first popularized by the small-batch Namakubi line, and I am curious to see how this full-flavored blend performs in the smaller vitola. At the end of the day, I give the Room 101 San Andres an A grade, and I would definitely smoke it again. Anyone who appreciates good smokes should at least be trying a 5-pack of these.

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