Cigar Review – Sam Leccia Black Robusto

A few months back I had the pleasure of sampling the Sam Leccia White, one of two new blends from the Sam Leccia Cigar Co. that made their debut at this year’s trade show. As opposed to the Nicaraguan-made White, the Black is Handmade in the D.R. using an inventive blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican ligeros, Brazilian viso, and wood fire-cured “Dark Fire” tobaccos beneath a Habano wrapper with a Nicaraguan Rosado binder. Having enjoyed the White immensely, I was particularly excited to pull out a sample of the Black Robusto (5×52) to light up in today’s review.

The cigar looked and felt to be solidly constructed and carried the distinct aroma of fire-cured tobaccos, very similar to the GAR American Puro. After an easy snip of the cap pre-light draws released a taste of cedar, campfire, and a slight sweetness.

The Sam Leccia Black lit up to a rich, dense taste of smoky wood and white pepper with a syrupy-sweet finish. Smoke production was very good, with plenty of thick smoke pouring out in each puff, and a lingering stream of smoke continuing from the cigar between draws. The burn-line wavered slightly in this portion, but not enough to distract me from the bold full flavors that the stick was giving off.

In the 2nd third I began to detect hints of anise and the white pepper shifted to black as the smoked gained a new creaminess without losing any of the “punch” of its flavor. The taste here was nicely layered and complex, and the closer I burned toward the nub the more I could taste the smoky flavor of the Dark Fire leaf. It was at this point that the cigar’s full-bodiedness kicked into high gear, as I began to feel a strong wave of nicotine-bliss come over me.

In the final third the smoke remained remarkably smooth as the rotation of dark and hearty flavors continued. Both burn and draw stayed on point for the remainder of the session.

If you are familiar with Leccia’s work at Oliva (Nub, Cain) then you already know that he doesn’t make average cigars, he makes outstanding ones, and the Sam Leccia Black is a shining example of this. While it’s not the only cigar on the market using fire-cured tobaccos these days, its overall depth and flavor are unmatched. Early on in this review I compared its aroma to that of the American Puro, but while I count them both among the best new smokes of the year, the similarities between the two end there. Sam has managed to unleash yet another totally unique creation, one that has already become very high in demand among discerning smokers due to its undeniably deep and bold full taste. I award the Sam Leccia Black an A grade. Grab a few of these if you’re looking to add something brand new to your humi. I have to warn you though, after smoking this, some of your old favorites might suddenly seem a little bit boring in comparison.

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