Cigar Review – Swag Puro Dominicano Limitado 99’ Infamous by Boutique Blends

 Boutique Blend’s Swag Puro Dominicano Limitado 99’ is a single-farm blend of 100% ligero tobaccos wrapped in a Dominican ligero Habano wrapper from the 1999 harvest. It just doesn’t get much more “boutique” than that, folks. These rare treats were limited to just 2000 boxes that have been rapidly depleting since their release, and today I broke out a sample of the Infamous (6×54) for review.

I removed the stick’s ornate banding to reveal a smooth and clean Habano wrapper. In regards to construction and appearance I found no noticeable flaws in the cigar. A

quick pre-light draw gave off a taste of smoky cedar and after a quick spin on the torch I was off and smoking.

The smoke opened up with smooth flavors of cedar accompanied by an interesting and flavorful mix of black and white pepper. The flavor was very full, and about a ½ of an inch in the creaminess unfolded and brought notes of nutmeg and espresso. The peppery spice was now muted and this made for a nicely balanced profile. While not completely straight, the burn was even for the most part, the draw was easy and clean, and a light grey ash was building nicely.

The 2nd third was super-smooth with a laid-back, woody, and slightly sweet tobacco taste. Eventually notes of bread and cream emerged, along with a lot of other cool little flavor nuances that were hard to identify. This profile remained fairly consistent in the final 3rd of the cigar. The burn stayed well-behaved and the full, layered flavor continued until I put the nub down.

The  Limitado 99’ turned out to be a great mellow smoke with tons of interesting flavor. While not crazily eventful, this stick was pretty damn complex considering that the interior blend is pretty much all the same tobacco. The flavor nuances found here were not the kind you get from mixing different tobaccos, but rather the kind you get from well-rested, aged leaves. The Puro Dominicano Limitado was about as solid as they come, and presented full, satisfying flavors from start to finish. Some of the tastes I was getting were really unique and hard to put my finger on, at one point I was picking up a slight butterscotch or something along those lines. Wild. I’m giving the Swag Puro Dominicano Limitado 99’ a B+ and I recommend it for those looking for a straightforward Dominican with some extra dimensions.

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