Cigar Review – Tatiana Classic Sweet Euphoria

Out of the many cigars I’ve reviewed in my time here, none of them have been flavored. In truth, I haven’t actually smoked many flavored sticks outside of work either, so for today’s review I decided to get out of my comfort zone and light up something with a little infusion to it. Having heard good things, I chose one of Tatiana’s latest offerings, the Sweet Euphoria Classic (6×44).

The cigar looked to be well-rolled, and wore the traditional shiny Tatiana band atop a veiny Colorado Maduro wrapper. It had an unusually spongy feel to it, and pre-light tastes were of a vivid, fruity and sugary candy-like sweetness.

Interestingly, the flavors were far more subtle after lighting the cigar. This stick had a distinct Dominican smoothness, and during the first third it was like new tasting notes were popping up in every puff. Among the myriad of flavors I picked up were sour apple, cherry, and blue raspberry. The burn was fairly even with just a slight lean to it, and I was starting to build a firm grey ash.  I had been worried about the draw performance based on the spongy feel of the cigar, but now that I was off and smoking there was no problem at all, with each draw producing dense plumes of silky smoke.

As I burned into the 2nd third I was met with a more straightforward tobacco flavor, accompanied by yet more exotic tasting notes: honey, vanilla, and lemon, to name a few. The ash finally let go after about two inches and by now the burn was completely straightened out. As I approached the last third I got an unexpected dose of caramel sweetness.

The final portion of this stogie presented a slightly richer tobacco flavor as the rotating cast of fruity flavors continued on. As many tasting notes as there were, they all seemed to mesh perfectly with the ever-present smooth tobacco taste, and at no point became overwhelming or overpowering. The cigar burned cool and straight until the end, and I set down the nub with a new respect for Tatiana.

In terms of flavor, the Tatiana Sweet Euphoria was really a mixed bag with tons of sweet and fruity tasting notes popping up all over the place. Even with all the crazy flavors it had going on, this stick retained its smooth Dominican character from start to finish. As far as performance is concerned, this stogie was pretty spot-on. As I mentioned earlier, infused smokes aren’t really my thing, but I found the Tatiana Sweet Euphoria to be a nice change of pace, and I would easily smoke one again. I’m giving this one an A grade, and if you like your smokes smooth and sweet, you really ought to give this one a shot.

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