Cigar Review – Trinidad Paradox Toro

Trinidad Paradox Toro (6×54)

New from industry giant Altadis U.S.A. is the latest addition to the Trinidad line of cigars, the Paradox. The stogie features a San Andres Mexican Criollo 98’ wrapper leaf surrounding a Dominican Piloto binder and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. I had been hanging on to a sample of the Toro (6×54) since IPCPR, so when the futuristic-looking Paradox boxes arrived on my desk today I figured it was a good time to finally bust it out for review.

The Paradox wore a smooth and nearly flawless Criollo wrapper, and appeared to be excellently constructed with a “soft box-press” shape to it. Pre-light draws were pretty vague, but I was able to pick up some soft notes of cedar and a slight sweetness before lighting up.

The cigar opened up to a smooth taste of coffee and nuts with a little pepper on the finish. We were off to a straight burn and a thick white ash was starting to build. A relaxed taste of cedar piped up eventually, and the pepper tapered off to more of a subtle baking spice. During this third the flavor came across as very laid-back and “polite.”

In the second third the pepper dropped out completely, the profile became majorly woody and even smoother than the first. The flavors were very refined and left very little aftertaste. A pronounced note of light nutmeg joined the fold after a while, and the stick continued to burn super-clean and razor-straight.

As I burned through the final third the profile remained fairly consistent, and just a bit of malty sweetness began to emerge as I approached the nub. With about an inch and a half remaining, the Paradox finally smoldered out on its own.

Whenever I review a new cigar I go out of my way to avoid any other reviews or anyone elses tasting notes, as not to color my own opinion at all. Instead I usually form some rough expectations based on the tobaccos used in the blend. In the case of the Trinidad Paradox, I couldn’t have been more wrong. This was probably the smoothest cigar I have smoked all year. It wasn’t very complex, but rather straight-forward in terms of flavor, and loaded with subtle nuances. The burn and draw gave me absolutely no problems, and the Paradox gave off generous plumes of silky smoke throughout the entire duration of the cigar. All in all, the Trinidad Paradox Toro was an easily enjoyable and laid-back smoke that I would definitely light up again. The mellow taste of this stogie is one that could be enjoyed at any time of day, and I give it a solid B grade. We just got every size in stock, you can check em’ out here.

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