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Cigar Rights of America Launches New Petitioning System to Fight for Your Cigar Smoking Rights

Cigar lovers are fighting wars on all sides by the P.C. police. If you’re a reader of this blog, then you’re no stranger to the smoking bans and draconian taxes that beset the entire cigar-smoking American populace. With indoor smoking is now banned on most places, the powers that be are now targeting outdoor smoking. Their end goal is nothing less than to tell us what we can and can’t do.

Never mind the fact that smoking a cigar outdoors does not generate any significant secondhand smoke, because it dissipates quickly (the study that is always referenced is widely regarded as inconclusive and is about indoor smoking anyway). Never mind the fact that laws are already on the books for cigarette- and cigar-related littering, but aren’t enforced (yet politicians claim that preventing littering is a key reason to ban outdoor smoking). Never mind the fact that smokers who quit, while saving health care costs in the short-term, actually increase health care costs over time because they tend to live longer (the other vapid excuse lawmakers give to ban smoking).

What is a life if it’s no fun to live? When the government prevents you from making a choice about what you’d like to do in our personal life, is that what we want? When propaganda and marketing brainwash an entire nation into thinking the anti-smoking crusade is about health care, when health care itself is the problem, what can we do? Lest we forget the anti-smoking movement started in Nazi Germany.

Well, now you can do something. The Cigar Rights of America organization has been fighting for us since day one, and now they’ve stepped up their game with a new system to help you petition government officials.

As we mentioned in last week’s blog about the Kansas governor race, the tide is already turning in some parts of the country. Make no mistake, these candidates would not be opposing the smoking ban if their constituents hadn’t screamed at the top of their lungs about it. If business owners and tobacco users are vocal enough in their opposition, the politicians are behooved to listen.
Their first petition is against Mayor Bloomberg’s overreaching attempt to outlaw smoking outdoors in places like Central Park and Coney Island. Sign it today!