A Unique Advocate for Cigar Lovers Is Born

On January 3rd of 2021, a new organization was launched to serve the best interests of cigar lovers of all stripes: Cigar Rights of the World. Though they seem like a straightforward advocacy group, their mission is somewhat different from others. According to their website:

Existing associations, mainly governed and financed by manufacturers, focus on lobbying. With Cigar Rights of the World, YOU can help them bring this fight to another level. As one, we will protect our passion and heritage.


It should come as no surprise that the founder, Jeremiah Meerapfel, has been involved in the world of cigars since a young age. By age 13, he was working at the Arturo Fuente cigar factory in the Connecticut Valley. He even spent time on his family’s plantations in Cameroon and the Central African Republic.

Mr. Meerapfel isn’t the only name behind Cigar Rights of the World, though. It was announced that Reinhard Pohorec will be president of the group starting immediately. You may know Pohorec as the host of the virtual hangout known as the Light ‘em up Lounge, but his passions extend beyond the world of cigars. He has made a name for himself in fields like sensory experience, hospitality, and luxury goods.

While the board of directors for Cigar Rights of the World is still being considered, Meerapfel and Pohorec already make a dream team for cigar enthusiasts. Be sure to keep your eye on this burgeoning organization as it makes waves in the industry.

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