Cigar Sense Announces New Product Excellence Award

The cigar industry has always been a place that likes to celebrate success. From Cigar Aficionado’s iconic ratings to Cigar Journal’s annual Cigar Trophy Awards, there is no shortage of ways to find the best blends on the market. Now, Cigar Sense is giving consumers a new way to recognize a solid cigar before spending money on it: their Product Excellence Award.

Rather than focusing on the production of the blends, the Product Excellence Award is intended to reward the final product. According to their website, Cigar Sense claims to be honing in on two primary pieces of criteria: cigar quality as measured by their tasting panel, and the ability of a given cigar to meet individual user preferences.

Every blend in Cigar Sense’s database is eligible for the Product Excellence Award, and we can expect roughly 25 to 30 of these accolades to be given out each year. So, has any cigar already received this honor? The short answer is “yes.” The slightly longer answer is “yes, the beloved Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado took the first prize on March 16.”

It should be made clear that Cigar Sense does not discriminate based on the size of the company. In fact, if you or someone you know has a premium cigar that is eligible to be judged by them, they want to be sure they can contact you. Whether you’re an aficionado or an entrepreneur, Cigar Sense’s Product Excellence Award will certainly be a seal of approval to look out for.

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