Cigar Stars – Jonathan Drew of Drew Estate

The story of Drew Estate is not your typical cigar story; it’s one of trial and error, striving for the impossible and reaching for a dream. Drew Estate has been making cigars since 1998 when two fraternity brothers, Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samel, started selling cigars in a small kiosk in the World Trade Center in NYC.

Drew moved to Esteli, Nicaragua in 1998 with the hopes of creating something new in the cigar world. Samel held down the fort in their Brooklyn office borrowing from anyone that would help out. For a while things were not looking too good for Drew Estate but when Drew returned to Brooklyn in early 1999 he brought with him several new blends. Upon Drew’s return La Vieja Habana was born with Acid following shortly after.

Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samel have worked hard to make cigars their own way. Drew went out on a limb to put a spin and artistic twist in the premium cigar industry and has been dubbed one of the smartest guys in the business. Drew Estate’s Nicaraguan headquarters is perhaps the perfect representation of the artistic vision behind this unique company and is one of the most impressive cigar factories in all of Central America. At over 90,000 square feet, it is also the largest cigar factory in Nicaragua and has wowed everyone that has had the opportunity to visit. Drew acknowledges that he made his $7 million factory larger than he needed too but he said he wanted to spend the extra money to make part of it a lavish hotel all for a memorable experience for guests.

Drew Estate was built on a dream with cigar geniuses behind it the entire way. Looking ahead Drew has his eyes on other businesses outside of cigars in hope of expanding however he has no plans of changing the way they make cigars. All in all Jonathan Drew is one cigar star we admire and look forward to seeing what he comes up with next.

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