Cigar Valentine Gifts for 2014

Last year we ran an article regarding the best gifts for Valentine’s day. However a year has passed and though some of those gifts are still valid, there are new options for you to get for your significant other. The post from last year outlined most of most traditional gifts, this year we are going to explore some of the ones that are more rare.

cigar humidor starter kit

For example we recently upgraded our Cigar and Humidor Starter Kit This starter kit is only $59.95 and would typically retail for $128.07.

We revamped this to to include more items and a better variation than before. (photo above) I myself personally love this item as a Valentine gift. The reason is quite simple. Even for a non-beginner that has every item possible, he now can duplicate that cigar infrastructure at another location such as the vacation house, the office or even just another part of the house. The starter kit has everything needed such as a humidor, high quality cutter, tools to keep the humidor maintained, a proper cigar lighter , and most importantly it includes high quality cigars. This makes the perfect present for Valentine’s day. Personally this is my favorite.

Another valid option for Valentine’s day would be a Virtual Cigar Gift Card which would allow him or her to buy anything they want from best cigar prices. That means everything from an Opus X Cigar to an Aging Room to any type of cigar or cigar accessory that you can imagine. We know Gift Cards are not as personal as you’d want, but they are a perfectly valid option for someone that has a changing taste or wants to constantly try something new.


Another Valentine’s day gift that I personally like is the Acid Factory Tour Sampler. It’s a low cost way to provide high quality cigars. Acid Cigars are typically highly valued by individuals that are seeking a quality cigar. This sampler is valued at $53.60 but can be purchased for $36.95

Lastly a decent option is the Acid Subculture My Uzi Weighs a Ton line of Cigars by Drew Estate. This selection with it’s comical name would make an excellent choice. These are made by the same company that makes Acid Cigar.

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