Cigars in Movies and TV Shows

Cigars have played a huge role in many movies and TV shows, but today we felt that we should focus somewhat on the ones that made an impression on many of us. Included are some screenshots of some movies and shows that featured an individual enjoying a cigar.

We attempted to cherry pick shows and movies that typically would not come to mind when thinking cigars and screens. You’ll find images of Star Trek and other science fiction shows as well as more traditional ones. What we wanted to portray is that Cigars have been part of our lives for centuries, with films of it spanning many decades.

There are images of cigars in movies dating to the inception of film.

This is Alfred Hitchcock doing a promo for the movie "Birds"
This is Alfred Hitchcock doing a promo for the movie “Birds”

Truth be told Cigars have been always portrayed as celebration and a display of wealth. Hence why in the majority of movies you will see cigars displayed when it’s time for a celebration or building a storyline to prove how successful he or she is.

Theoretically we could make this a 2000 page blog post including the many movies and tv shows that featured cigars in the storyline. Instead we decided to just leave you with a few examples of shows and movies that have included cigars as a part of the storyline. In some cases they were central to the character that spanned the run of the entire series or movie, in others it fit into that specific episode.

Celebration with Q Star Trek Next Generation
Celebration with Q Star Trek Next Generation Picard and Riker  Star Trek TNG.

In the above episode Q wanted to celebrate with Picard and Riker, so he magically made Cigars appear in their mouth.

I love it when a plan comes together
The A-TEAM Colonel John Hannibal Smith

John Hannibal Smith from the A-Team always had a cigar ready to go, and always during the celebration of a victory.

Well, I’m an early riser myself.
Roger Moore – James Bond

In the case of James Bond, it was to show a sign of overall success. The fancy cars, the pretty women, the cigars. It was part of his overall image.

Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.

For Gordon Gecko it was similar to the James Bond type display of wealth and success.

Klingons never bluff
Worf – Star Trek Enterprise and Deep Space 9

This one-off episode of Star Trek it showed Worf with a cigar. The reason was to portray confidence and success.

Say hello to my little friend.
Scarface, 1983

Again in Scarface it was another display of wealth and power, though more towards the power in the movie.

Robert Picardo Stargate Atlantis – Enjoying a victory with a cigar
Robert Picardo

In this episode of Stargate Atlantis, Picardo was celebrating the defeat of an enemy.

Policeman: Put the knives down!
Wolverine: I can’t.

Wolverine is always linked to raw power. It’s not a celebration, it’s more of “no one can tell me what to do”.

Al: In two days, the Russians are going to shoot down the U-2. Sam: The rock group?

This was thrown in there to show that in the TV show from the 1980’s Quantum Leap the AI enjoyed cigars. What makes this so comical is that the AI isn’t actually even human but rather literally an Artificial Intellgence that just happened to enjoy cigars. He’s virtually all knowing and it’s my guess it was more towards the lines of “I know exactly what I want, including this cigar”.

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