Cohiba 3-Pack Sampler With Lighter

When the holidays start to roll around, we always start getting in some cool gift pack items, offering small packages and often coming with unique accessories. They’re already starting to trickle in, and like a little kid before Christmas I can’t wait to open these up. The first pack to arrive was the Cohiba Corona Extra Jet Set Lighter Sampler. This slick gift pack contains 3 sticks of the classic Cohiba Dominican blend in a nice Corona Extra (5 1/2 x 44) size unavailable anywhere but in this sampler. Of course true to it’s name this pack also includes a a classy Cohiba-logo Jet Set Triple Torch Lighter. This lighter will quickly ignite even the largest stogies, and also show everyone in viewing range that you know quality smokes when you see them. The lighter also includes a built-in punch cutter so you’ll be ready to go as long as you have it in your pocket. The lighter alone carries an MSRP value of $40, not to even mention the value of the 3 primo cigars. In the spirit of giving to come, this sampler is yours for a skimpy $24.95. A great way to try Cohibas if you’ve been put off by high full-box prices, and also get an accessory that will light up your smokes with style for years to come.

If that pack doesn’t do it for you, I’ve got another trick up my sleeve today. We loaded up again on one of last year’s most popular holiday gift items, the Oliveros Premium Churchill Collection. This is a 5-pack of Oliveros Classic Collection Churchill. This pack has flown off our shelves since we started carrying them, give people an opportunity to try these delicious smokes in a small pack at a great price. These things are already a steal at $17.95, but today I’m knocking $4 off to get them to $13.95 for this week only. These are two great samplers, and two great deals. Stock up and get ready for the holidays like us, or just treat yourself – you know you deserve it.

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