Colecciones De Tatuaje 6 Robusto Exclusive Sampler

Showcasing 6 of Tatuaje’s greatest handmade offerings, the Colecciones de Tatuaje 6 Robusto Exclusive Sampler brings you an embarrassment of smoky riches. Each of the cigars included in this sampler presents a unique set of flavors and aromas derived from blending premium tobaccos of the highest quality. The 5 x 50 size has traditionally been used as a “tasting size” by cigar-makers during the blending process.

Colecciones De Tatuaje 6 Robusto Exclusive Sampler

Five of these fan-favorite blends have never before been available in a robusto size, making this a highly collectible premium assortment.

The Colecciones de Tatuaje 6 Robusto Exclusive Sampler Includes one of each of the following 5 x 50 cigars:

– Havana VI Nobels

– Selección de Cazador

– Black Label

– Cabaiguan

– Nuevitas Jibaro

– Fausto

Previous to the release of this sampler, only the Havana VI has been made available in the 5 x 50 Robusto size.

We’ve got this hot Tatuaje collection in stock right now at a convenient discount – grab yours here.

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