Davidoff 9 Cigar Gift Selection Variety Sampler

If it’s long-filler luxury you seek, look no further – the Davidoff 9 Cigar Gift Selection Variety Sampler is a gorgeous gift box loaded to the gills with the finest of cigars.

Davidoff 9 Cigar Gift Selection Variety Sampler

Showcasing a flavorful variety of carefully-crafted Davidoff cigars, this collection presents a range of tasting profiles and sizes for the discerning connoisseur.

The Davidoff 9 Cigar Gift Selection Variety Sampler includes:

  • 1x Davidoff Signature 1000
  • 1x Davidoff Signature No.2
  • 1x Davidoff Signature 2000
  • 1x Davidoff Grand Cru No. 2
  • 1x Davidoff Aniversario Short Perfecto
  • 1x Davidoff Aniversario Special R
  • 1x Davidoff Aniversario No. 3
  • 1x Davidoff Aniversario Special T
  • 1x Davidoff Millennium Robusto

Handmade in the Dominican Republic and respected around the globe, Davidoff cigars are rolled using only the best of aged Dominican tobaccos. These prestigious smokes represent the highest quality in premium cigars and we’ve got this stunning collection in stock at the lowest prices we can legally offer.

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