Davidoff Yamasa Toro (6 x 52)

W: Yamasa

B: San Vincente Yamasa

F: Nic., Dom. Rep.

Origin: TABADOM, Dominican Republic

A municipality of the Monte Plata province in the Dominican Republic, the Yamasá region has historically been notorious for its rainy climate and swampy soils. However, that didn’t stop Davidoff Master Blender Henke Kelner from experimenting with planting tobacco seed there as far back as 25 years ago. After much trial and error, Kelner finally succeeded in transforming the unfriendly soils of Yamasa into fertile ground for fine tobaccos – including the unique wrapper and binder leaves used on the Yamasa cigar.

Pre-light draws gave off a creamy ensemble of milk chocolate and warm nutmeg.

Post-torching, the cigar opened up with bold, smoky leather and molasses notes with a pinch of pepper on the finish. A few puffs in, the nutmeggy spice from the cold draw began to emerge and intensify. A mottled black and grey ash was hanging on for the ride.

In the second third, the strong leather dropped out, only to be replaced by a new wave of equally-strong, smooth wood along the lines of hickory. The zesty baking spice notes remained intact, and the profile opened up a bit to reveal trickles of malty sweetness and some more spicy notes akin to red pepper (especially on the retro-hale, whoa).

The Yamasa’s relentless full flavor continued into the final third, tempered a bit by soft plumes of cream that surfaced every so often. This last portion was earthy, as well as nutty, spicy, and absolutely full-bodied.

The richness is real, friends. Once lit, the Yamasa unleashes a deluge of uber-rich flavors that leaves a lasting impression. It’s a real “palate-coater,” if you will. All the way through I was waiting for the body of the smoke to let up a bit, but it never happened. This gratuitous profile combined with a neat burn and ample draw made this an effortlessly satisfying smoke, and our unbeatable deals on Davidoff Yamasa make it an effortless purchase decision as well. Thank us later.

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