Deadwood Cigars by Drew Estate

Deadwood Cigars were first released by the Deadwood Tobacco Company in the legendary South Dakota town of Deadwood. Owner Vaughn Boyd teamed up with Drew Estate in 2016 to bring this trio of tricky ladies to the masses.

Deadwood Cigars - Three Yummy Bitches
Deadwood Tobacco Co. by Drew Estate logos

Originally dubbed “The Three Yummy Bitches” by Deadwood Tobacco Co., Deadwood Cigars follow closely in the tradition of Larutan (formerly Natural) cigars in that they’re not infused, but are so flavorful and aromatic you might think they are. Blended with dark maduro wrappers and exotic interior tobaccos that bring out the natural sweetness of the cigars, these stunning smokes are unmistakably Drew Estate, bringing you a blast of original taste to brighten up your stogie selection. Get acquainted with Sweet Jane, Fat Bottom Betty, & Crazy Alice below and let the good times roll.

Deadwood Cigars - Sweet Jane Box of 24
Deadwood Tobacco Sweet Jane box of 24

Sweet Jane

The original Deadwood cigar, Sweet Jane measures in at a traditional 5 x 46 corona extra size and is bursting with bold character. A lovely, lingering pipe tobacco-like flavor and sweet mocha earthiness are Sweet Jane’s calling cards, and she always delivers. There’s also an itty bitty 4 x 32 Baby Jane cigarillo that’s perfect for your coffee break. 

Deadwood Cigars - Fat Bottom Betty Box of 24
Deadwood Tobacco Fat Bottom Betty box of 10

Fat Bottom Betty

Despite her older sister’s saccharine sobriquet, the 5 x 54 Fat Bottom Betty is probably the sweetest of the series. A cool creaminess and caramelized sugar sweetness are Betty’s weapons of choice as she inevitably wrassles your palate into satisfying submission.  

Deadwood Cigars - Crazy Alice Box of 10
Deadwood Tobacco Crazy Alice box of 10

Crazy Alice

Crazy Alice turns up the strength compared to the other sizes as a unique 4 1/2 x 52 short pyramid vitola with fierce delivery of body and flavor. Earthy and spicy Nicaraguan taste with tones of maple and nutmeg are at the forefront of her profile and a steady-yet-subtle stream of rich tobacco sweetness keeps Alice smoking smooth to the finish. 

No matter which of these sensational spitfires you choose, you’re in for a hell of a ride. Get your Deadwood cigars at the lowest prices right here.

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