Digital vs Analog Hygrometer


There has been an ongoing debate regarding a Digital vs Analog Hygrometer. For reference, a Hygrometer measures the humidity in the air, this makes the device especially useful for use in a humidor. People typically strive to keep it at 70 degrees (Fahrenheit) with 70% humidity. At that temperature and humidity levels mold has difficulty growing as well as tobacco beetles can’t hatch. So it’s imperative to keep your temperature and humidity levels at or near those levels. Otherwise you might destroy your cigars. This is where the Hygrometer comes into play.

Individuals that enjoy Cigars typically keep close eye on what the readings are in their humidor, so they need fairly accurate numbers both in humidity levels and temperature levels in order to ensure their cigars are being stored in a safe manner.

For the record , the majority of people believe that a digital Hygrometer is better than a Analog Hygrometer. However a minority of individuals have a differing opinion. Outlined below is why each has merits –

Pro Digital Hygrometer:

1 – Easier to to calibrate
2 – Easier to read
3 – More high tech options such as notifications if something is not within established parameters.

Pro Analog Hygrometer

1 – Typically less expensive
2 – Superior classic look
3 – It’s worked for decades well before digital existed

Both have their strengths. It’s a debate akin to analog vs digital watches.

Typically speaking you won’t find digital a Rolex watch because the look and feel of digital won’t meet the standards of a classic timepiece. At the same time however it’s a harder read to find out EXACTLY what time it is on an analog.

So the issue is, are you looking for accuracy or esthetics?

Most cigar discussions almost always focus on accuracy, however when you put your highly accurate digital Hygrometer on your humidor in your classically furnished living room it will look out of place.

To each their own.

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